Streat Instruments design and manufacture a range of innovative moisture measurement & control solutions for a wide range of applications from on-line industrial control in the fibre processing and food industries to agriculture, sports stadiums and golf courses. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to engineer a moisture solution appropriate for their needs. We know moisture.  It’s our business!  Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Aquaflex Soil Moisture Sensors enable you to make better irrigation decisions

✓ IMPROVE Nutrient Retention
✓ SAVE Water, Energy & Time
✓ ENHANCE Pasture/Crop Quality
✓ INCREASE Production
✓ DEMONSTRATE Environmental Management

What ever you are growing, you can make better irrigation decisions by installing Aquaflex sensors. The sensors are buried below the root zone and measure the average moisture and temperature. Data can be presented as a trend on your phone, tablet or computer. These reports help you make better irrigation decisions to balance soil moisture and temperature and avoid over or under watering. Ultimately for more yeild and healthier plants.

You can order a complete monitoring and reporting system which includes the data logger, telemetry and online reports, or just the sensor. Learn more


The Aquacom system is a network of Telemetry Field Units connected to sensors which provide data that can be used to help make informed business decisions resulting in improved productivity, quality and efficiency. Learn more

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‌Drycom 8. ‌Drycom moisture meter systems are designed to assist our customers to optimise their production processes and maximise productivity, quality, operating efficiencies and profitability. Learn more

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Equi-pF. Equi-pf avoids all the difficulties associated with the traditional tension table technique while preserving the original tension table priciples by automating the inflow and outflow measurements and tension applied to the samples. Learn more