Other Garnett Group Companies

garnett logo PMS1795 v1 1475697230 smallGarnett Controls is the leading manufacturer of retrofit weight control systems for the textile, nonwoven and fibre processing industries. With unrivalled experience, the Garnett Controls team includes engineers, technicians and technologists from a wide spectrum of disciplines from carding and textiles, electronics, engineering and software. The principal objective of Garnett Controls products is to improve, regulate and assure product quality on textile and nonwoven processing lines. Garnett Controls equipment is installed in leading textile and nonwoven factories around the world where quality and performance is critical. Garnett Controls supplies its systems to manufacturers of new machinery and also supplies new controls to existing machines and processing lines in customer factories. www.garnettcontrols.com

Bradwickllogo v1 1475766617 smallBradwick Technologies represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced processing machinery for nonwovens and the fibre processing industries. Bradwick’s wide portfolio spans recycling, blending, carding, crosslapping, needling, fibre forming, finishing as well as a range of ancillary equipment including in-line fire prevention, metal detection, cutters, winders and slitters. Combined with a range of equipment from our own group brands including fibre weight control systems, laboratory testing instruments and moisture measuring systems, Bradwick can offer an extensive choice of the latest technologies, either as individual items or complete turnkey projects. www.bradwick.co.uk

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Wira Instrumentation is the well known international brand of instruments for the testing of a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres. Based in the UK, Wira has grown from a foundation of research and development in natural fibres to become a leading manufacturer of technology for the testing of a wide range of quality parameters from fibre characteristics to thermal properties. The extensive range of apparatus spans natural and synthetic fibres for textiles, to nonwovens and techical fabrics. www.wira.com